Monday, November 9, 2009

NY Times Lens blog

I've lived long enough to know I don't have a clue what's coming next. I've always been amazed that some people can make five-year plans. Hell, I can hardly make a five-minute plan! Tonight is a perfect example.

Yes, I'd known since late September that Jim Estrin of the NY Times Lens blog was interested in my self portraits project, "Falling Into Place." We'd been in email contact, but it wasn't until he came up to me at the Burn gallery exhibit at David Alan Harvey's loft in Brooklyn on Friday, October 9, and said he wanted to interview me for a blog entry, that I knew he was serious about showcasing my work. Two weeks ago we'd had a good hour-long interview by Skype, and a few hours ago we completed the process with a fact-checking phone call. But I must admit I was surprised when he answered my question about when the post might run by saying, "At 12:01 am tonight."

If I were to say this is a dream come true, I'd be lying. I could NEVER have dreamed my work would be featured on the NY Times Lens blog! This is unimaginable. But there it is. I can't ignore the fact that it is up and running. And Jim's words touch me deeply. He is such a gentle soul, a truly compassionate man. The link is:

There are so many people who are behind this miracle, foremost being David Alan Harvey who mentored me on this project from the start. Without his encouragement, skilled edits, and belief in the worth of this project, I would have given it up long ago. And all the photographers I've met on DAH's original blog, Road Trips, on his "Photography Magazine of the Year" Burn magazine, and earlier on of whom have helped me hone my skills and find my way in this new-to-me world of photography. Even the iconic photographers Mary Ellen Mark, Eugene Richards and James Nachtwey have supported me in this work. God, I am so lucky.

So now it is 1:30 a.m. on Monday morning. I wonder if sleep will find me tonight. Right now I'm still vibrating. I always say that life is an adventure. Well, my friends, tonight I know that it is. Oh yes, it most certainly is.