Sunday, September 27, 2009

candy time

I continue to play with my Blue Mirror Project wherever I go. After six months and tens of thousands of images, I have a pretty large collection of possible keepers. CLICK HERE to see the most recent edit. When you see the drop-down menu under Portfolios, click on The Blue Mirror Project. I intend to stay with this project for at least a year. It is such fun!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

portrait of Ed

I've been looking at a book of Yousuf Karsh's portraits that I recently bought at a used bookstore. Yes, they are posed -- sometimes in a rather cliched way -- and many are so familiar it's hard to view them with fresh eyes, but I think the man was a genius. When he captures a subject's soul, you know it. It's like a light shining from within. To me, his portraits of artists are among his best.

So tonight I'm sitting in our living room looking at Karsh's photographs. Every time I look up, there is my Eddie sitting in his old leather chair with one side of his face in shadow and the other highlighted by the lamp. It takes me awhile but I finally wake up to the fact that a Karsh moment is right before my eyes. What you see here is just one of my efforts to show the essence of this man I've loved for over 43 years. Such a gentle spirit.