Wednesday, December 29, 2010

we're all related through our art...Robert Henri

I don't think we can ever know how a simple act of kindness can touch another. Today I know as a recipient of such a kindness that it can change everything.

As I was pulling together the final edit of 12 images from my Winter Nudes project to submit to the B&W Magazine's annual Portfolio Contest (see above), I saw that an email had come in. I opened my Mail program but didn't recognize the name of the sender. It was notifying me that a comment had been posted on this blog, specifically under the entry, "Thanksgiving Weekend." It was from a photographer I have never met but admire greatly. He was taking the time to tell me how he had searched Google to find me and then had gone to my website and looked at my work. His response touched me to my core. It will warm me from this day forward. I can't even thank him because he didn't leave his email address, but my thanks will be to do for another what he has done for me...


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