Monday, April 20, 2009

Mirror Me at the DIA

Every Friday night the Detroit Institute of Arts presents live music in the Diego Rivera Court. My friend Pat and I are often in attendance. Thank god we were last Friday for we heard one of the most original experimental jazz trios around. And it was the first time these three musicians--Thollem McDonas on piano, Joel Peterson on bass and Skeeter C.R. Shelton on sax--had ever performed together! Such magic! They go by the name Box Deserter Trio and are now on a two-week tour. If you can see them, do. I was so enthralled I drove to Ann Arbor to see them perform on Saturday night at the Kerrytown Concert House. A totally different sound but equally mesmerizing.

After Friday night's performance, these fellows kindly participated in my "Mirror Me" project. This photo is of Detroit-based Skeeter Shelton who plays a mean sax. To see a tight edit of the mirror photos I took all over Manhattan a few weeks ago, simply go to my website at and click on "Mirror Me NYC" in the dropdown menu under Portfolios.


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